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Oh hello there!

I'm Shani Leead. I'm a photographer, writer and doodler. I believe that life is about saying yes (even when it's scary–shout out to my ambiverts out there!), pushing yourself (as long as you are following your gut), and becoming a lifelong learner (sorry not sorry I ask a lot of questions). 

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Bubbly water in a restaurant in Santorini, Greece...obviously. 


My wildest dreams came true when I had the chance to see actual wild horses in the Pryor Mountains of Wyoming and Montana

This is one of my favorite random moments that I had the joy of witnessing. Nuns playing jump rope on the beach with a string of sea weed. 


For Halloween one year I was Joy from Inside Out. And I also really love The Nightmare Before Christmas. 



it's me...and what I'm currently listening to