Woman's Best Friend


Why are dogs only a "man's best friend"? We should have a gender unifying term...Human's best friend? Wamen's best friend? I'll work on it. For today, I'm bringing you a peak into the life of Christy and her dog, Ghost. We set up the shoot at Peter Strauss Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains. Ghost was itching to run and frolic around in the bright green grass. The creek had filled up after the rain and it was beautiful...but also kind of gross. That water is not usually-a-flowin' and the storms brought in a lot of muck. Christy had to make sure Ghost didn't take a sip. He sticks his nose in everything, curious and active. But he is a quiet and even tempered dog when he's not super excited to jump out of the car and play. Or leave the apartment to go for a walk. I once walked him when Christy was away. That dog is strong! Christy is a badass outdoorswoman. She hikes, she climbs, she skis...and she's always training to do better. She's a gorgeous woman with fiery red hair and a warm inviting smile. She's incredibly down to earth and sweet. She's got some fitness goals she's trying to reach in the near future, so I hope to be capturing her crushing in the next few months. 

Shani LeeadComment