Shoestring Adventures: Joshua Tree Backpacking


I was recently hired to be a "triptographer" by the awesome Shoestring Adventures! The founder, Alyx, organizes camping, backpacking, and hiking excursions in this amazing community of outdoor enthusiasts. Alyx's trips include a trip leader, a photographer, and up to ten participants. I was lucky enough to get to go on the Joshua Tree Backpacking adventure last weekend. Lucky because Joshua Tree is one of my favorite places in the world, but also because the flash flood warnings and crazy big storms almost kept us all away! But stormy weather also means running water and blooming plant life. Despite a slightly adjusted trip schedule, we managed to fit in a hike through the Wonderland Rocks to the Willow Hole desert oasis...I was in awe. Water was streaming everywhere. It was beautiful. I had such a blast meeting the other participants and photographing our wonderful adventure. I put some captions on the pics below to give you a run through of the trip. First up, our journey to cache our extra supply of water.  

Shani LeeadComment