The LAX airport used to be this magical place that despite being (seemingly) super far away from home was one of my favorite places to go. Who can blame me? The incredible wizardry of planes took me to visit family overseas or on an awesome vacation by, oh ya, FLYING THROUGH THE SKY. Um. What?? So cool. When you're a kid, everything is more magical and all places that aren't down the street from your house seem really really far away. (We only lived about forty minutes from the airport, but it felt like ten years. I assume this is because kids are more excitable and impatient and the concept of time isn't fully in their grasp yet. But also, to be fair, if we did hit traffic, it was far...). Today, I live about twenty minutes from the airport without traffic...(but with traffic...I don't wanna get into it).

As you drive to LAX, you may be lucky enough to watch as a plane comes in for a landing. These giant, spaceship-sized, metal monsters of the sky fly right above your car. So low that if the pilot sneezed you might be able to give him a high five on the way down. Since I moved to the city, I have been to this airport many times to pick up, drop off, or to do my own traveling. And you can rest assured that the magical aura of this airport has disappeared...for the most part. I would be lying if I said that airports don't excite me anymore. They do, and I am literally already having airport dreams because of an upcoming trip. The fact that they are mostly dreams in which I panic that I forgot to pack something and am going to miss my flight is the result of me being an adult with anxiety. Hence, airports, not as fun anymore. Anyway, on one of these many trips to the airport, I noticed that there was a decent amount of sidewalk around the walls surrounding the airport runways. A perfect spot to wait for the planes as they fly by at a high-five length away! So I did just that. Here's to these incredible sky machines, I can't wait till I'm aboard. 

Shani LeeadComment