Perry Leashes


I recently did a shoot for Perry Leash, an awesome hands-free dog leash. With this leash you can walk your dog while texting, snapping a photo, reading a book, picking your nose, and anything else that may involve the use of both hands! We went out to Culver City park and got to shooting. The stars of this shoot include Jamaal (creator of Perry Leash), his dog Nubia, my good friend Sheila and her adorable little stuffed animal, Leo. Jk. He's a real dog. And yes I took him home for a couple hours after the shoot because I, unfortunately, don't have a dog and I wanted some puppy therapy. One day, I will have the money, the time, and the determination to have a dog. And at that point, I will have a Perry Leash to go along with it. Then I can take a million photos as evidence that I finally have my own dog, and you will all wish I never got one. Till then...enjoy these cuties! 

Shani LeeadComment