Women's March LA


I have never been more proud to be a woman, more proud to be a part of this city, and more proud to be my mother's daughter. During this march my mom reminisced about how she used to read my sister and I books with feminist themes, how it was always important to her to teach us, and how emotional taking part in this march was. I looked at her and told her, it worked, Eema. And I am so thankful that it did.
 So many parents and guardians brought their kids and babies to teach them what it means to fight for your right. Most people who know me, know how much I love children. There is so much hope, joy, and nonjudgemental energy that just pours out of them. My favorite shots from the march were of the kids. Of our future. Every day they are learning. I'm grateful for what they learned today. 


Shani LeeadComment