I just crossed this dream off my bucket list!!!


Holy hell. I JUST SAW WILD HORSES. IN THE WILD. JUST BEING WILD HORSES. They’re real. They’re still out there. There are people protecting them and I’m crying about ittttt. 😭

I don’t know if my dream to see these horses stems from one of my favorite animated films being Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Or if it’s the fact that wild animals that are rare just fascinate me. Or if it’s because I think they’re one of the most majestic creatures when they run. Like imagine how it feels to basically fly while you run. HELLO THEY’RE INCREDIBLE ANIMALS.

Anyway…if you haven’t seen the movie Spirit, it’s a movie about a horse named Spirit in the wild wild west and the adventure he goes on after his first encounter with cowboys. You probably wouldn't believe me when I tell you it is a KICKASS film. But I’ve made quite a few people watch it by now, and they all LOVE IT…ok so maybe "LOVE" is a bit strong, but they are all pleasantly surprised and at least like it.

Ever since I can remember (even before seeing the movie, but most definitely after), I have always wanted to see wild horses with my own two eye balls. I finally got my chance at the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. It was amazing. Incredible. Epic. My friend and I took a tour with Nancy of the Wild Mustang Center. She has done, and continues to do, so much for these wild horses. Her story is incredible and she has the greatest spirit (eh eh?). She knows all one hundred sixty three horses by name, relationships, and personality. She has even created a field guide of all the horses and tidbits of information on them, which she sells in their gift shop. I learned an incredible amount about the wild horses and the land they live on. There's actually a lot of drama within those bands of horses. Some of it is pretty sad-like fights between stallions over mares and foals getting eaten by mountain lions. But that’s the circle of life, right?

In addition to the tour, we also stayed at their famous “Bunkhouse”, a beautiful cabin on their ranch in Lovell, Wyoming. This cabin is really stinkin' adorable. Nancy's husband, Steve, designed all the interior decorations-so much attention to detail-such a cowboy's cabin. It was awesome. Right by the cows and the horses-some of which are rescues from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. What a dream come true this trip was! 

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