Nomadix Towels for Shoestring Adventures


One of the companies I work for, Shoestring Adventures, partners with different outdoor gear brands every month. We do a giveaway and offer discount codes to our club members. This month is Nomadix. A super cool multifunctional towel company. They make their towels out of recycled plastic bottles and promote a "less is more" mentality. The towels are also anti-microbial and quick drying. If you've ever used a yoga towel, that's what this towel will feel like. It can also be used for the beach, swim, travel and just about anything else. 


This shoot was incredibly fun! We went to a Malibu cliffside that just takes my breath away every time I go. The weather was perfect (even a bit chilly, though it was a welcome chill after this heat in the city). My friends were so photogenic and easy to photograph. This little lady above is full of creative ideas too! I always love when my subjects provide ideas. As it is I tend to like capturing  candids more than posed photos. So it helps when someone else helps with the direction. 

You can read the Shoestring Adventures gear review of this towel here. I definitely plan on bringing this towel with me when I travel or go on other outdoor adventures. I love the patterns they have, it was honestly a little hard to choose which one to photograph! I definitely think this is also a great gift for people who are active and/or yogis! 

Shani LeeadComment