Capturing Dream Chasers


One of the hardest things about being an artist is finding the continuous motivation to chase after your dream. I have great respect for people who follow their passions. Chasing after the things they love no matter how difficult the journey. A few days ago I shot cover photos for the band Divided Heaven (who are currently on tour!). My friend, Nic (on the right), is the drummer, Jeff is the frontman and Derik is the bassist. 

These three are such a fun group to hang with and photograph! We shot at Nic's place where the guys usually rehearse for shows. As an added bonus, he recently got new baby chickens! So, of course, we had to get some shots of the guys holding the cuties. (I held one too, and oh my goodness they're so adorable and soft and delicate when they're so little!! I didn't want to let go. Who knew I could love a baby chicken so much...still not a vegetarian though...why don't I feel bad when the food is in front of me?? A topic for another day I suppose...). 

I also asked the guys if I could get some shots of them rehearsing. I'm such a fan of candids, especially capturing people in their element. They use a small room in Nic's house, so it was a bit challenging, both lighting-wise as well as space-wise. But as is usually the case, challenges in photography spur more creativity! I found myself attracted to photographing close-ups and pieces of the whole. It really takes you there, to all the parts that need to be put together to make the whole performance work! Additionally, it is quite loud. So I had ear plugs in as well as Nic's noise-canceling headphones.

I crouched down in one corner of the room and could feel the walls vibrating. I was totally engulfed in their sound. It was such a physical and visceral way to experience this music. It was totally awesome. Apparently feeling the music is an important aspect of performing as a musician. Derik said that some musicians put some sort of vibration pack on their backs so that they can feel the reverberation of their guitar. It helps when the music is so loud and overpowering to feel the sound. And in that sense, they're able to make sure that it plays right. 


Wishing these guys the best of luck on their tour! If you get a chance to check them out, you should! Also here's a fun, seizure-inducing GIF for anyone that wants to feel the rock and roll in their veins. (What am I saying? I don't know.)

IMB_p6Byer 2.GIF
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