Dealing With Growing Pains


Do you ever wonder if flowers feel pain when they bloom? Kids have growing pains, maybe flowers and plants do too? In fact, you should take a listen to this episode of Radiolab called Smarty Plants. In it, they cover this incredible discovery about plants. Spoiler: plants can learn. Yes, learn. And that means that in a way, they are thinking. Which will make you think very differently about plants. And might make you wonder if they also feel emotions–like growing pains. 


But growing pains don't only have to be physical. They are often also mental...Which is why human life is full of growing pains. It's Spring and the recent rains have made Southern California glow green. Lots of growth. It's beautiful, uplifting and energizing. Yet, at the same time, Spring is a reminder of the things we have yet to nourish in our own lives. Things that we have yet to make happen, to grow and flourish. If you're like me, those things can cause you pain. 


So how do you deal with this pain? 

Figure out what it is that's causing you pain. Consider the people you surround yourself with. People and their emotions are incredibly contagious. Is it time for some new friends? New partners? New job? It's Spring! You're allowed to make some changes or renew old friendship subscriptions. Just make sure you're spending time with those people that will make you happier. 

Fill your life with purposeful and constructive actions. You'll need to take some time to think about what you value. What your goals are and how you will achieve them. Start by spending less time on social media, and more time on creating an environment that nourishes you.  

 Many people choose to do Spring cleaning. This usually means, ok let's go through all our junk and figure out what we don't use anymore. So maybe you want to go all minimalist. Give away the crap you don't need. Or maybe you actually need to do some serious deep cleaning of your possessions. If you're an outdoorsy type, you might want to check out this article about how to clean your outdoor gear.  


You might also need to do some mental cleansing. Something that is hard for me to accept, is–ironically–acceptance. That's really the key to happiness and flourishing. Accepting the way things are, and moving forward. This might even mean accepting that you feel sad or bad about something. Accepting that you are struggling. By practicing acceptance, you make room for the changes and renewal you're looking for.  

But I get it, trust me, I GET IT. It's easier said than done. And it's hard as shite. But I'm told that the sooner we accept that this life is one growing pain after another, the easier it will become to deal with it. It also helps to listen to dope music. My current favorite, (who I also just saw in concert and he was amazeballszzzz) is Dermot Kennedy. Have yourself a listen. And if you like him, let me know you do :)


In the Spring, a lot of people talk about starting fresh. Plant new flowers, new plants, new you! But starting fresh doesn't have to mean throwing out the old. It just means improving upon it. (And accepting that we are constantly going to have to improve on "it" whatever it is...). 

Finally, do the things you love. Don't ever stop pursuing your passions. I love photography and doodling and writing. And even though some days I'm like WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW?!? I feel so lucky to have found these things and have the privilege to practice them.

So what's your thing? I'm currently working on a project in which I want to capture YOU doing the things YOU love. Please get in touch with me if this is something you'd be interested in doing. :) 

Shani LeeadComment