Two Nice Jewish Boys and the new "Israeli NPR"

Before coming to Israel this summer I researched things to do, places to go and what to look out for. In this research I came across the Two Nice Jewish Boys podcast. I started listening and loved their easy going, hilarious nature mixed with serious subjects and some real talk. I decided to reach out to them and see if I could document them at work. I knew this would be a great story to share with Jewcer's audience. (Jewcer is a nonprofit org I work for – think Jewish Kickstarter). The guys agreed and invited me to come to the new Ta'agid studios where they are recording a new podcast called the Melting Podcast. It's all about life in Israel for Olim (people who have made aliyah to Israel-aka moved there and became citizens). I had a ton of fun with them. You can find the interview I did with them here

Shani LeeadComment