Beach Nuns: AKA the best beach day ever

Yep. Beach Nuns. That's what I called my photo album. When my friend, Catherine, and I saw these nuns approaching us at the beach we thought we were in the middle of a movie filming. It was too odd and too amazing to be real. But it was real. They were all Asian and speaking another language (I don't know which, forgive my lack of Asian knowledge). I went up to one of them and asked where they were visiting from. I had incorrectly assumed that they were from abroad. The woman responded and said LA. So I asked what church, she said St. Gregory, and then went back to what they were doing- untangling a rope of seaweed...or is it kelp? Might be kelp. Anyway. Next thing we knew, these sisters were jumping rope with it! Singing a song to the rhythm of the jumps. It was like they had been transported back to their childhoods. I imagined them playing this game together when they were kids. How after all this time, nothing had really changed. The beach has this incredible power to revitalize us no matter who we are. It also blesses us with the most beautiful backdrops, when the clouds and the haze sits just right. It’s cinematic magic. 

Shani LeeadComment