Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival


Flash Foxy was amazing. It's an all women's climbing festival filled with tons of great energy, women supporting women and doing what they love. I joined Traci on this festival and helped her represent Outdoor Research. And of course, I photographed. I wanted to capture the women climbing at the Buttermilks for their clinics, so I had Traci drop me off. When we got there it was insanely windy (40 mile per hour winds) and the roads were partially closed for cars that couldn't make the rough terrain the winter had brought. She didn't want to risk taking her work van all the way up so I hitched a ride with some fellow Flash Foxy ladies that were making their way up the mountain in an all wheel drive. Turns out they were there with the media clinic, a perfect group for me to join! I learned a bunch from the group leaders and had a blast taking in the Buttermilks in winter. 

We've had such a crazy winter that just doesn't seem to want to end. While we were there it rained and even started snowing on us as we left the Happies. I was bummed that the storm had taken away some of the climbing and picture taking fun, but still made the best of it. I met some incredible women and adventurists. I also finally got some shots of my friend Jess and her trailer as well as some new friends living the vanlife dirtbag lifestyle. Those images and stories coming soon on Moja Gear's dirtbag dwelling series! (And I'll also be posting about them here on my blog :)). 

Shani LeeadComment