There really isn't anything like a sunset, is there?


These beach sunsets are what (good) dreams are made of. I put "good" in parentheses because I have found that most of my dreams tend to be just seriously odd and stressful. "Worry beary"- my mom's childhood nickname for me- still filters through into my sleeps. And obviously, my wakes. There are a lot of positive changes happening in my life right now, but I can't help stressing anyway. Today I have just found more "real" things to stress about and I suppose it seeps into my dreams. I usually wake up from bad dreams feeling grateful that it isn't real. But also tired because it didn't feel as restful as I would have liked. Then again, it's better than waking up from a really good dream that turns out to be just that. A dream. 

But when I look at these pictures I get a wave of wonder and genuine happiness. Like a good dream. I am inspired to follow this incredible light. It's indescribable how perfect and sweet this light is. It's fleeting, but it's real. I'm thankful for these goofballs who I share laughs with in this light. I'm thankful for this place I live, my ability to travel away and always come back to it. Maybe this light helps me think more clearly. It's hard to be stressed when you feel like you're in a dream. A good one though. 'Member all those bad ones don't count. 

Shani LeeadComment