The Little Adventures


I recently listened to a podcast with Jedidiah Jenkins. In it he talks about how as you get older time starts moving faster. Do you remember when you were a little kid and the summers felt endless? But then, in high school they felt shorter. And in college, they basically didn't exist. And now, as an adult, what is summer besides at times inconveniently hot? Time moves slower when you're a kid because everything is new. You're learning about the world with every step you take. That's the magic of childhood. Each moment is filled with so much genuine and pure joy. Or sadness. Or frustration. Or wonder. It's the purest of times because children are nonjudgemental. They exist in the moment from second to second. Absorbing the world around them and offering nothing but curiosity, love and kindness. 

I recently reconnected with my childhood neighbor, Hannah who has a mommy instagram called California Toddler. We met up at a park to take some photos of her and her son. He is the sweetest and most well behaved two year old I've ever met. And let me tell you, I've worked with some difficult two year olds! It's a tough age to work with/parent, but it's also the most magnificent to witness as they are doing an immense amount of growing when it comes to speech, comprehension and exercising free will. This bright and curious two year old repeats everything you say. As my mom would say, he's a total kofiko (means little monkey in Hebrew). Monkey see, monkey do. He's obsessed with knowing what and who things are called (including the name and make of my car). He likes saying "here we go go go go on an adventure". He likes climbing and giving trees hugs and carrying around sticks. He loves chasing birds. He loves music and books. He loves eating snacks. He loved my camera and clicking the shutter button-over and over again. (Future photographer in the house?) But most of all, he loves his mama. He was so fun to photograph and only reinforced all the lessons children teach us. Take everything in stride. Don't stress too much. Appreciate the beauty around you. Never stop being curious. And always be ready for an adventure. No matter how big or little. 

Shani LeeadComment