Southern California Really Rains


It's been a good winter to us here in California. After a long drought, we've had tons of rain and snowfall getting forty percent of this state out of the drought. And there's supposed to be more snow and more rain! Like so much so that the Santa Monica Mountains have actual waterfalls again! I was getting so used to the All Trails reviews saying that all the water was dried up and what used to be a gorgeous waterfall was no longer so. And now, the hills are lush and green with vegetation -ok not like Hawaii lush and green...But still! GREEN! And did I mention there are waterfalls!?! On our hike that was only half an hour from my parent's house in our normally fire-dry surroundings, there was a goddam beautiful waterfall. How? What? YAY!  See for yourself below! 

Shani LeeadComment