Las Vegas Storms


When you have plans to go climbing at Red Rocks on your Vegas trip and the weather app says that it isn't supposed to rain...while it's find other places to explore.

This past weekend my friends and I hit up Las Vegas. We did some of the Vegas thing - drank alcohol, lost money gambling, drank more alcohol, lost more money gambling (well the boys did, I'm not a big fan of gambling). Then we also did the adventure thing. On our first day out it was raining at Red Rocks and I didn't feel comfortable taking my camera out. So I settled for a few iPhone shots, and mainly just focused on staying warm. Rain or shine, it's beautiful at Red Rocks and I had a blast just being out there. The next day we headed up to Mt. Charleston for some really rad climbing amid a snow covered hill...'til the landslide brought me down...JK no landslides, but definitely some rock fall, slippery snow, and apparently Fleetwood Mac. The wall was way too cold for me to even attempt the climb. I could barely hold my camera without taking breaks to heat them up in my sleeves. But my badass friends sent some routes, tangled some ropes, and flew through the air. We also found an awesome cave that we all managed to fit inside of. The lighting was difficult to work with (considering there is no lighting inside of a cave). But with some headlamp magic, I managed to get a couple shots. Shooting in difficult conditions like low light or rain is definitely something I plan to work on in the coming months. 

The next day we made our way to check out Hoover Dam. We were all pleasantly surprised at how massive and gorgeous it was. The rain had made for a perfect crispy skyline. We crossed over the dam on a beautiful concrete bridge that connected Nevada to Arizona. The wind was intense up there. It was thrilling to walk against its incredible force. I wondered if that's what it felt like to fly. I can't exactly tell you why, but that's always been my go to if-you-could-have-a-super-power-which-would-it-be? response. I would not be invisible, I wouldn't have super strength, hell no to mind reading or fortune telling - my mind is complicated enough...So yes, flying. For as long and as high and as far as I want to go. Till I find what I'm looking for. And then again. 

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