Malibu Days


I grew up inland of Malibu from ages 12 til 17...So basically the bigger chunk of my memories. Back then I often took it for granted that I lived ten minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in California. I didn't realize how clean and well maintained it was until my nearest beach became Santa Monica Beach. This past weekend I had the pleasure of going back to Paradise Cove where I met my high school friends for brunch. Followed by a mini hike down to a private little beach. We got some fun shots and had some great laughs. The last time we were all there was for my birthday 8 years ago. How has time gone by so fast? 

Later on I met Traci at First Point for Malibu Surfing Association's Classic Invitational. Longboarders competed in divisions ranging from 13 and under to 70 plus! It was awesome to see those little groms (young surfers) kill it on the waves and the older men and women still so strong and agile. Traci said she hopes one day she'll still be shredding out on the water with the others who keep surfing at fifty plus. It's an amazing hobby and an incredible scene. Its quirky and strange. But it's fun and so alive. So ya, I hope I am too. 

Shani LeeadComment