Portlandia is real


Portland was just as I expected. (Except for the freak heat wave that hit us on Saturday. Fun stuff.). But it was green. It was artsy. It was weird. And I loved every bit of it. We stayed in a 100 year old house that we found on Airbnb in the adorable neighborhood of Laurelhurst. The houses are straight out of basically any storybook you've ever read. Here's a list of the places we went in the order of the pictures: Our Airbnb in Laurelhurst, Breakfast at City State, Kelly Point Park/beach(ish), Multnomah Falls, and Alberta Street.

Laurelhurst is a happy little community.  We saw a bunch of kids and their families biking in hoards along a quaint street. Big smiles plastered on their faces and funky helmets on their heads. And those were the adults. We thought, dang they really are super eco friendly. And SO darn happy. Then we found out this happens once a week. They close off a section of a street to allow for kids and their families to ride their bikes back and forth. And, honestly, that didn't really change how we felt about it. 

The heat wave was really too much to handle. We were all like... Must. Find. Water. So we decided to go to Kelly Point. A "beach" by the river. We played around like kids. Greasy watermelon, back flips, sand burying. The works. 

Thankfully it cooled down on the day we went to Multnomah Falls. It was beautiful. A bit too touristy, but still beautiful. I managed to get some great shots using a slow shutter to show the movement of the water as it cascaded down the mountain. 

Monday came around and we made our way to Alberta Street. It was very sleepy for 11 am on a workday. We ate breakfast at an artsy coffee shop called Just Bob. I asked the Barista if this neighborhood was always so sleepy. He said in Alberta they start the day later since they've been partying all weekend. I can see how, seeing as there's a bar or a brewery at almost every corner in Portland. But what about work? I know it is cheaper to live in Oregon than LA, but really? Maybe everyone's an artist with their own schedule. Sounds like the dream to me! 

Shani LeeadComment