All about them Back Whips


Ok, so back whips isn't a thing. I meant cut backs. I'm still learning the lingo here people! I talk about Traci a lot in my blog posts. She's my best friend, my roommate, and partially to blame for these blog posts and the fact that I am now a photographer...she's very supportive and encouraging and the kind of person you feel extremely lucky to have in your life. I know, I know, so annoying. Anyway...Traci is a surfer (and a climber, and a sailor, and a tech gear nerd, and anything else that you do outside for fun). So finally, FINALLY, I got to take some shots of her doing her thang. For Traci, surfing is her time to disconnect from the world. So to be quite honest, she wasn't super stoked on me photographing her in her zen element (alright, to be fair she is never super stoked about that, but even more so in this case). However, since we are the kind of best friends that make sacrifices for each other, she agreed to let me take pictures of her. Traci is extremely knowledgeable about surfing. From the different types of boards, to surfing styles, to surf cultures and more. If you want to know a thing or two (or twenty) about this sport, she's got your back. So, you may be thinking, "Oh, Shani, does that mean you surf now too?" You would assume such, wouldn't you? Well, we are working on it. Working on my fear of the ocean and the things that are in it. My fear of drinking way too much dirty salt water. And my fear of injuring myself. One of these days I will be out there with her, and I'll forget what it was like to have any of these fears. But until then, I am still looking for a wetsuit that doesn't feel like a workout just to get it on. If anyone has any info on pear-shaped wetsuits for people with extremely soft and neoprene-suctioning skin...please contact me asap. 

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