Moonlight Rollerway


Ever wanted to time travel for a night? Maybe back to the 70s? Then Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA is the place to go! This place is decked out in all of the lights and decor that takes you right back to a time before cell phones. When skating and dancing was the go to night out and good music was blasting through the speakers whisking all your worries away. Not only is the place 70s themed, but the crowd comes decked out in old school clothing too. The skating levels range from people grasping to the walls, to backwards skating with effortless twirls, fast and the furious flyers, to desperately clinging to each other, and, of course, to falling. Lots of falling. I thought that rollerskating would be easy to pick up again. I was quite good and confident at rollerblading as a kid. Let me tell you, not the case as an adult. At least not for me. I almost fell several times, and almost got hit by another skater but was rescued by a very long haired main with an awesome mustache and bell bottom jeans who gently pushed the other guy forward so as to miss ramming right into me. He followed this by a smile and an "I got you" nod. To which I replied with a sweaty thank you! And headed straight for the exit. My friends reactions ranged from "it's like riding a bike" to my knees are going to give out, please get me out of here. But boy did we share some laughs. Although I don't foresee myself picking up skating again, I sure enjoyed being around this crowd. 

Shani Leead1 Comment