The Wedge, Newport Beach CA


The Wedge is an insane surf spot in Newport Beach, CA. The mutant wave that forms here makes it a world famous spot for bodyboarders and bodysurfers due to the fact that the waves and barrels, which can reach up to thirty feet high, crash right on the shore! As Traci has taught me, this is called a beach break. Beach breaks can be extremely dangerous considering your likelihood of getting pounded into the sand by the monstrous waves increases exponentially. Especially if the waves are as ferocious as they can be at The Wedge. Unfortunately, the day we went to check out The Wedge, it was the end of the first south swell of the summer, so the waves were not as big as I had hoped. One of the advantages of such high waves at a beach break is that photographers can get really close and awesome shots without actually having to be out in the water (which is usually the case for huge waves). But, there were still a decent amount of bodyboarders, bodysurfers, and skimboarders that came out to play when we were there. Even the smaller and weaker waves of The Wedge are incredibly powerful. It was thrilling to capture them, and hilarious to watch Traci's reactions to these guys getting owned by the waves (as you'll see in the picture evidence of her reaction). I can only imagine what the bigger waves would be like. This spot has a crazy number of injuries every year. I don't necessarily want to encourage people to continue tackling The Wedge, but then again, I do want to come back here when the waves are big again. How else will I live vicariously through my lens?