Sunken City, San Pedro CA


Sunken City is California's version of the Lost City of Atlantis. Okay, maybe it's my version of that. It contains the remains of homes that slid down into the ocean during a landslide that happened in 1929. Since then many youngsters have gathered in these parts to graffiti, hang out, and apparently drink and smoke. A lot. It was a scene that was at once both gorgeous and sad. Of course the view is fantastic, and the ruins remind me of something you'd find in an ancient land. Ehem, Atlantis, ehem...But walking around these remains in flip flops was hazardous since pieces of shattered glass bottles seemed to be more abundant than the dirt underneath. Despite trying my best to tread carefully I still managed to slip and fall on my tuches...thankfully it was on the only part of this cliffside that contained solely dirt. No need for tetanus shots or tweezers here! As for the graffiti, I admired it at first. It added character to the remains. But as I walked around this Sunken City, I felt it change from artistry to just plain old vandalism. I felt like this place could be something much more special. Most of the glass and litter that was left here would inevitably fall into the ocean, if it wasn't already just being thrown in. We read that the city was considering opening it up to the public, which I assume means maintaining it much like a park or memorial. I hope that happens one day.