Passover Generations


For me, Jewish holidays are about passing on our traditions to the next generation. It's about getting together with friends and family and taking the time to sit, talk, and eat. We live in such a busy, distracted world that we rarely take the time to settle down, distraction-free, and celebrate life. Whenever a friend decides to have a dinner party for his or her birthday, we all look around at each other and think, this is so fun, why don't we do this more often? Why do we need a reason to celebrate together? How about getting together in honor of our fortunate lives, just for the heck of it? Unfortunately, for most people, we do need a special occasion to put a pause on our busy schedules. Jewish holidays can do that and so much more. They are a time to share stories and remember a history that has been told for thousands of years. It brings us closer together and instills a sense of belonging. Even if we differ on our beliefs, there is something unique about being together and passing on that sense of family and togetherness to our future generations. My family and I celebrated Passover with friends this year. The youngest of the generations present at this seder is one of the most adorable, hilarious and outgoing little three year olds I have ever met! I brought my camera to capture our Passover seder and ended up spending most of the time playing with little Maya and taking a gazillion pictures of her cuteness. I didn't think about it till just now, but in capturing her, I created snapshots that encapsulate the holiday and what it means to be Jewish.  

Shani LeeadComment