Broad Museum


Okay. So. I finally got to go to the Broad Museum. My thoughts? It was only pretty cool. I have to admit, the hype had me expecting some seriously mind blowing art. And that just didn't happen. Social media is partially to blame since I had already seen some of the exhibits and was thus less surprised. Don't get me wrong, the architecture and design of the museum itself was awesome. There was a lot to photograph and I had a blast taking pictures there.  But most of the art was...Creepy? Dark? Disturbing? I tend to like the slightly creepy and strange art (think more Tim Burton and less Silence of the Lambs), but a lot of what I saw just didn't sit right. Moreover, the famous "infinity room" was sold out of tickets for the day...Apparently you have to get separate tickets for that once you are in the museum, which if you've heard of the Broad, you've probably heard of the infinity room. It seems sort of unfair that I reserved my tickets to get into the museum months in advance, but still wasn't able to go into that room. In any event, I still had a good time and would recommend it to my fellow art lovers. I would just warn you not to be fooled by the long lines and incredible hype. It might feel like you're waiting to go on a ride at Disneyland, but I can assure you it is nothing like Disneyland. Unless you aren't really a big fan of Disneyland. In which case, it might kind of be like Disneyland.