Always Go Back


Sometimes you have a photo shoot all planned out and ready to go and then at the last minute it falls through. Twice. But you've got your gear ready and an adventure mindset on, so you make a new plan. Even if it's something close to home. Even if it's a place you've been before. In fact, it's important to go back to those places because places can change. Especially when it rains! I have been to Paramount Ranch a couple times before, but never had I seen it so lush and green. There were flower fields and pollen literally flying into my mouth. Most of the year the Santa Monica mountains are pretty dry and, well, dead looking. Granted it's still beautiful, but there is something much more beautiful to me about the bright green liveliness of a hillside after the rain. 

I had my buddies with me and I made them dance, jump, and play around in this gorgeous outdoor setting. People always talk about how important it is to break away from the busy city life and get out into nature. It helps you breathe better and calms the hustle and bustle that goes on in your mind. I sometimes find myself wishing that I lived a more simple life. On a secluded beach of an island in the middle of nowhere. Or out in the countryside with a vegetable garden, where I grew my own food. Never having to think about prices, organic, non-gmo...Ya...just me and the lettuce. I know that most likely I would get bored. That I would wish I could be back in the busy city where there's almost always something to do or see. Still, that fantasy is nice to play out. A quieter life. With the same beautiful backdrop to photograph. I might miss taking pictures of people, but maybe I'd just be out there taking a bunch of selfies. Ok, yes, I would miss the people too much. So I'll settle for these mini adventures that help keep my imagination and creativity alive!