Girls Inc. LA


Today I have a slightly different kind of blog post. I won't have a slideshow of images to share, but I will have a link to the amazing organization that I shot for. I had the immense pleasure of shooting for Girls Inc. LA at one of the elementary schools they work with. Girls Inc. is an organization that inspires girls to be "strong, smart, and bold". As part of their school curriculum, the girls attend Girls Inc. classes and activities led by incredible female role models. Since this elementary school is located in a low-income and crime ridden part of Los Angeles, many of the kids at this school come from unstable homes and face issues that most privileged kids their age don't even know exist yet. This program provides a safe space for the girls to grow and develop into the empowered women we hope for them to be. When I asked the girls what their favorite subjects to learn were, a lot of them said math, a response which is not statistically common for girls! Um, heck yes! They also didn't shy away from asking me lots of questions. They were curious to see the photos I was getting and even asked to pose for some, showing off their hilarious personalities and coming up with fun ideas! It was evident to me that this program was working, and I couldn't be happier to be there to document it. 

I hoped that by taking their photos they would see that women can work in a creative field such as photography. My goal was to capture the girls for the organization's promotional purposes but also to ignite a curiosity in these girls. It is so important to teach girls from all walks of life that they can make careers for themselves in something worthwhile and meaningful to them. There are many opportunities out there which, would it not be for Girls Inc., many of these girls would never be exposed to. My photos were used in this Girls Inc. LA Facebook post in an adorable collage. I was truly inspired, and I look forward to working with them again in a couple weeks! 

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