Breaking the Routine at Catalina Island


People travel. People take vacations. People quit their jobs and just go for it. Why? Because the routine gets boring. Insanely boring. So every once in a while you have to be spontaneous and break that routine so that you don't go crazy. For my friend Eric's birthday we went to Catalina Island on a spur of the moment decision. Eric is originally from Kansas. And when you travel around California with someone from Kansas, they really help you appreciate what an amazing state you grew up in. I hadn't been to Catalina Island since I was very little. So basically, it was unexplored picturesque territory, and I had to go. We walked around the adorable little town of Avalon nestled in these island mountains, rented a golf cart (which we drove around the entire island), and, of course, got some great shots. Taking a break from the city and taking that moment to breathe in the quiet was incredibly refreshing. I highly recommend it. 

Shani LeeadComment