Climb On Ain't Needed Here


When you boulder, there are no ropes, no belays, and no need for climbing terminology to make sure your belayer doesn't drop you on your head. It's really just up to you to make it up and down without falling. But if you do fall, there's a pretty solid pad below you. And when I say solid, I mean it like the trustworthy and well cushioned kind so that you don't hurt yourself. Not the hard, floor-like kind of solid...that would defeat the purpose. In some ways it is scarier for those of us who are easily scared by heights and exposure. There's no rope to catch you. And it's damn hard. Traci and I climbed at the new Cliffs of Id gym in Culver City today. It was a relatively quiet day, considering most people were at work/school etc. It made it easier to focus on the moments and capture it the way I see it, without any distractions. 

Shani LeeadComment