Adventure 16 Ladies Night!


Adventure 16, West LA recently had a Ladies Night event which I had the pleasure of photographing! Reps from awesome outdoor brands came and set up booths to educate, give out schwag and promote their brands to exclusively women attendees. It was great to see all these women come out to support Adventure 16 and the outdoor brands they carry. I loved capturing the enthusiasm that they had for the games and prizes that the reps brought. I also love that A16 is encouraging and supporting the push for more women in the outdoors. There is a rise in women climbers, explorers, athletes and the like. More women are engaging in activities that were once male dominated...and completely owning them. Heck yes!  

In general, there has been a huge shift in our society when it comes to the outdoors. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people who are spending their time outdoors. Advertising and social media is inundated with images and tag lines that promote "adventure" and "exploration" (even if their products and services have nothing to do directly with the outdoors). Basically, the outdoors, are in. And although that means more people are at your favorite hiking spot. Or that campgrounds are going to be full. And climbing crags are too busy...I think it is a wonderful thing that more people are connecting with nature and the outdoors. If people care to explore it, they'll also care to conserve it. Maybe we've all been getting a little sick and tired of being cooped up in front of our computers. Maybe we need to find ourselves out there. Or maybe we need to get a really good pic for Instagram. Whatever it is, even if it's just a trend, it's not a bad one. In fact, it's a really good one. Plus it's good for the outdoor industry, a world that I have only just begun to dip my toes in. But boy am I ready to make a splash. (Sorry for the cheese. I have non-dairy options if you're intolerant). 

Shani LeeadComment