Come Sail Away


Sailing on our friend, Loren's, boat was an absolute blast. Sail boats are pretty incredible. It's just the boat, the sails, the wind, and the cutest dog in the world named Bartelby. Oh and the ocean. And a bigger swell than you expected. And a little sea-sickness....And some great friends that make you laugh so hard you wanna cry. It feels amazing to be out there in the middle of the ocean. Away from all the noise. I wish I could bottle up that ocean air and save it for all the times I feel stuffy. (Which is often). Although I will say, no amount of ocean air helps me when I get seasick, Which I did on the way back to the harbor...something bout the current and the lack of wind in my face. Idk, but let's just focus on the good parts, ya? I still look at these pictures whenever I need another dose of ocean adventure. 

Shani LeeadComment