Making the Night Glow


Long exposure night shots are SO cool! Ever see those amazing photos where it seems like every star in the black sky is shining brighter than your friend accidentally blinding you with her headlamp? Well, it's a very tricky process of adjusting the exposure and the aperture and the tripod and the subjects. But it's even harder when the moon is full!! Woops...But I was on a mission to capture the night and nothing was going to stop me! So we escaped the city lights and went out to the middle of...nowhere...the moon was just about as full as it can get... Instead of a dark night sky, it looked like we were in an alternative world where the sky was this thick dark blue neverland. We decided to focus on creating light designs with our headlamps, our arm strength, and Noah's jeep. I ended up getting some pretty sweet shots! Next time though, I'm bringin y'all the stars.