Dress Up


Something sort of silly about me: As a kid I used to only wear dresses for special occasions. I was convinced that dresses couldn't be worn on a regular day. I felt like they were reserved for events and formal gatherings. Wearing it to school or out with friends was just "too much". But then as I got older I realized that actually dresses are the shit-for all occasions and at all times. Not only are they super comfortable and gorgeous, but they also only require you to make one clothing decision (versus having to choose a bottom AND a top-um heck yes!). Moreover, certain dresses are incredibly flattering for curvier women-and let me tell you I got some curves! Now, I can't get enough of dresses. No really, it's kind of a problem...Anyway, back to this post! 

So on my way up to visit Emily in Avila she told me how excited she was about these new dresses she bought at a LulaRoe pop-up shop. So besides having some major dress shopping envy, I obviously asked her to wear them when we went out to shoot. Doesn't she look stunning?? I love that LulaRoe features models of all shapes and sizes. They have a wonderful movement and some killer style that brings out the best in people! Wearing a dress that makes you feel beautiful can be incredibly empowering. Emily is a natural beauty and her ease and comfort in front of the camera makes for an incredibly fun and authentic shoot. I think LulaRoe should hit her up for some modeling, don't y'all agree?