Hello, my name is Shani Leead.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer, illustrator and blogger with an affinity for the outdoors and a terrible case of the doodle bug. (Note: it is recommended to keep your important documents away from me as my tendency to doodle is mildly uncontrollable). I view the world through the lens of a camera and often manipulate time and space like Walter Mitty. Through my art I share stories that I hope will both inspire and entertain. 

Who I've worked with: The AcornOutdoor ResearchShoestring AdventuresMoja Gear, Hipcamp, Outdoor Women's Alliance, Mindful Routes, Adventure 16, Nomad, Epperson Mountaineering, Caraway & Co, Best Day Foundation, Stronghold Climbing Gym, and LA Wilderness Training. 

Looking to doodle-ify your photos? Need photos and doodles? Just photos? Just doodles? I'm open for collaborations! If you'd like to work with me please contact me however you see fit. (i.e. the contact section, social media, yelling at the screen in hopes I might hear, carrier pigeon, morse code, telegram, owl. You get it.)